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Live Authentic

Why I do what I do (in a nut shell)

I was running the race – competing with everyone, trying to be the best at everything. I was never satisfied and a certifiable workaholic. I practiced the glorification of busy.

With my focus outward on everything and everyone else, I was never fully present where I was. I “did” a lot but missed the experiences. I avoided pain but never really felt joy. I did not know who I was or what I had.

Then – I maxed out. I was married with two kids and trying to run three businesses by myself – performing 300+ shows annually while working 40 hours a week in the office. Literally, I had run out of time and couldn’t keep going. Everything began to stall. I was desperate for an answer.

It was then that I discovered life coaching and began a new journey in my life – one of self discovery and balance.

As I dug deep into my core, my life began to change – and resulted in a more connected marriage, enriched friendships, a renewed passion for life, focus & clarity in my work, a hunger for knowledge, a genuine desire to “pay it forward” and a purpose for my life beyond my work.

I am not perfect – but at this point in my journey, I can honestly tell you – I am making less mistakes, my life is richer, I am experiencing a level of peace and joy that I’ve never felt before, I am more present and it is awesome!

Who is Jeff Koziatek?


A creative, reliable, loyal, controlled, encouraging & empathetic man.


To help people experience more of who they are by speaking, coaching and teaching anyone who wants to learn.


Loyalty, trust, stability and honesty.


Professional Background

Today, I am a nationally recognized and award winning speaker, certified coach and entertainer. I have spent more than 20 years working professionally in the entertainment industry. I’ve managed national touring acts, performed thousands of live shows across the country, produced award winning films and operated a complete event management company catering to high end corporations and nonprofits.

As an entertainer, I have been able to cross all kinds of social boundaries – economic, racial, political, spiritual, life style, and so on. It has allowed me to travel across the country, performing more than 300 shows annually since 2005. My goal as a performer has been to create a space where you, the audience, feel comfortable being you, taking off the mask(s) you wear every day to survive, so you can genuinely laugh alongside a total stranger. I do this with comedy, improvisation, audience interaction and physical stunts.

Speak and Coach

Crossing social groups with millions of people all across the country led to an unexpected discovery – a raging disease that knows no discrimination – “a lack of self worth”. The results of this disease are devastating and going largely unnoticed and misdiagnosed. It impacts relationships, professional pursuits and personal health. This realization moved me to become a certified coach and begin speaking on value and authenticity. When we see value in ourselves, we become better leaders, we can function better in a team and we are more likely to pursue our passions with success. As a speaker, I offer people tools they can use on their own to live authentically without a mask. As a coach, I am able to provide more tools and walk with my clients, helping them to implement the new skills and strategies on a daily basis.

 Random facts

  • As an actor, I’ve appeared on Cold Case a few feature films and various tv commercials.
  • My photography is on display in various businesses across the St. Louis region.
  • I have juggled while riding: on the back of a water buffalo, a Ferris wheel, a zip line and a few other carnival rides.
  • Joggled a 1/2 marathon in just over 2 hours.
  • I’m married with 2 children.
  • I like Jello cheese cake, toasted ravioli and frozen custard.
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