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Are you overloaded with the constant pressure of impending deadlines, the heavy weight of feeling responsible for everything? Leaders experience improved focus, clarity, health, joy, and renewed energy after working with Jeff.

Do you find that doubt over decisions and direction cripples your production, diminishes your influence, and hampers your adaptability? People using Jeff’s tried and true methods develop renewed confidence, increased influence, and healthy versatility.

Are you burned out from relentless 24/7 accessibility, zero downtime, and existing in constant crisis mode? Individuals hire Jeff to discover how to get a handle on their work-life balancing act by reigniting their passion, embracing their value, and recommitting to their purpose.,

Professionals report Jeff facilitates transformational results faster than any other coach.

Are you ready to sharpen problem solving skills, confidently tackle obstacles, and quickly achieve YOUR goals? Are you ready to reach for peak performance?

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Peak Performance Coach Jeff Koziatek. To explore Coaching, Keynotes, Workshops, learn more about books, the Mindset Motivation Club, the Breakthrough Moments Podcast, the 1 for 1 Give Back program, or discover how adjusting your mindset can radically impact your life, fill out the form below. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

– Jeff Koziatek, Peak Performance Coach

Coaching Packages

YOU in the Spotlight

1 Session

One SUPER SIZED session (up to 90 minutes) over zoom or phone call

Setting the Stage

1 Month

4 weekly coaching sessions, Copy of Blueprint for Value

Greenroom to Success

6 Months

Coaching sessions, Focus phone calls, Copy of Blueprint for Value

Go LIVE with Circus Confidence

12 Months – BEST VALUE

Coaching sessions, Focus phone calls, Free challenges, Free performance masterminds, Copy of Blueprint for Value

  • Pay in Full Discount

Retirement – Your Next Act

6 Months

OBJECTIVE: Prepare to successfully navigate through one of life’s biggest changes.

Coaching Sessions, Focus phone calls, Copy of Blueprint for Value

Culture – Improve Troupe Performance

Variable – based on goals and urgency

OBJECTIVE: Improve productivity, Enhance communication, Pro development

MAY INCLUDE: Keynotes, Workshops, One to one coaching, Copies of Blueprint for Value for participants


“Jeff is truly a Master Coach among Coaches.”

– Steven Rowell, ,

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