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BOOK – Blueprint for Value

We must see value in ourselves before we can see it in others. How we view our personal worth forms the foundation of our thoughts, behaviors, decisions and relationships. Our intrinsic value never changes; yet, our perception can and does change. Blueprint For Value offers 52 habits to help keep our perceptions high, to match reality, that we are enough.


Online Assessments

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The Breakthrough Moments Podcast

Everyone makes mistakes. The question is: will we let it limit our potential, or make it a breakthrough moment?

In this podcast, I ask entrepreneurs, C-suite execs, business owners, and industry leaders what their biggest leadership mistake was and the lesson it taught.


More Moments Video Series

Welcome to More Moments – the BONUS video interview series for the Breakthrough Moments Podcast. Listen here!

You’ve listened to their breakthrough moment, now get to know the person behind the leader, as I ask each guest my TOP 10 questions. Be sure to like, subscribe, and share. Watch here!


Coaching Videos

Award winning videos produced to express feelings and experiences that are hard to put into words.

These short videos are intended to start conversations, encourage thought and exploration, and help people gain more self awareness and confidence.

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