Be Bold

Be Authentic

Blueprint For Value

52 Habits to Discover and Strengthen Your Personal Worth

No matter what our station in life, we can all struggle with feeling unworthy. Though we may claim every person has intrinsic value, we too often link our worth to our performance or external factors beyond our control.

We must see value in ourselves before we can see it in others. Our personal worth, our value, forms the foundation of our thoughts, behaviors, decisions and relationships, both personal and professional. We have intrinsic value that never changes; however, our perception of it can and does change.

Learn how to impact that perception by building your own PERSONAL WEALTH ACCOUNT (PWA) so that no matter what happens, you can:

  • Feel confident
  • Make healthy choices
  • Be authentic

Jeff explains how we can all ENGAGE in our lives more effectively, EQUIP ourselves for success, EMPOWER ourselves for action and ENCOURAGE ourselves throughout every challenge we face.

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