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The videos below are intended to spark ideas, questions, and discussion around concepts that can often be difficult to describe. If you are interested in hosting a public showing with Q & A, CLICK HERE.


Forgiveness and Acceptance. MASK: The Trilogy is a story about how we love ourselves and others in the midst of pain and suffering. Are we more than our mistakes? Are we more than what’s happened to us?

MASK : Part 1 – Denial

A SILVER CROWN AWARD WINNING (Best Short Film Category) short film! Do you deny your pain? Do you expect others to do the same?

In part 1, a man seeks refuge from his suffering but is shocked at what he finds.

MASK : Part 2 – Bondage

When you are not free to be yourself, who do you become? What do you do?

In part 2, a man thinks he has found acceptance but learns he has found something else.

MASK : Part 3 – Freedom

Can you forgive and accept yourself? Can you forgive others? Can you meet people where they are?

In part 3, a man is shown a third response to pain that challenges his view of others and himself.


Purpose and Passion

When we try to be something we aren’t, do something we can’t, or walk someone else’s path… it can leave us feeling beat up, exhausted, inadequate, and stuck.

But what if… we could align our purpose and passion? How would we feel? What could we accomplish?

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