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The Communicate2Succeed Academy

Enhance YOUR communication skills with an innovative platform.

What is it?

The Communicate2Succeed (C2S) Academy offers professional development focused on improving communication skills. It includes monthly live training, mindset sessions, networking events, expert interviews, daily motivational content, and access to a private online community and training library. The goal is to enhance persuasion, trust-building, and overall communication to help members succeed in their industries. Trainers include experienced professionals Dallas Amsden and Jeff Koziatek.

How will my communication skills improve?

By participating in the Communicate2Succeed Academy, you can expect to see the following improvements in your communication skills:

  1. Enhanced Persuasion Abilities: Better at influencing and convincing others.
  2. Increased Confidence: More self-assured in various communication settings.
  3. Stronger Trust-Building Skills: Improved ability to establish and maintain trust.
  4. Effective Networking: Greater ease in building professional relationships.
  5. Improved Public Speaking: Better performance in presentations and public speaking scenarios.
  6. Clarity and Precision: More concise and clear in your communication.
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When does the Academy happen?

The Academy goes live on Wednesdays at 3pm Central for the first four weeks of every month:

  • Week 1 – Mindset Training (academy members only)
  • Week 2 – Communication Skill Set Training (academy members only)
  • Week 3 – Networking Power Hour (Open to public)
  • Week 4 – Expert Interview (academy members only)

All training sessions are recorded, along with the expert interviews, and archived in our online library and made available to members with 24/7 access.

Daily motivational content drops in the online community every week, Monday through Friday.

Who runs the Academy?

Dallas Amsden:

Dallas Amsden is a communication expert known for his ability to coach individuals and teams in effective communication strategies. His background includes extensive experience in public speaking, coaching, and training professionals to enhance their communication skills in various business contexts. He focuses on helping clients develop their persuasive abilities, build trust, and communicate more clearly and confidently.

Jeff Koziatek:

Jeff Koziatek is an expert in mindset coaching, with a strong background in motivational speaking and personal development. He specializes in helping individuals cultivate a positive mindset, overcome mental barriers, and achieve personal and professional growth. His methods emphasize the importance of mindset in successful communication and overall life success.

A Future Shaped by Communication

Effective communication is vital in every aspect of life. The C2S Academy is more than just a program; it’s a stepping stone to mastering this crucial skill. By joining this initiative, you’re not just improving how you communicate with others; you’re shaping a brighter future for yourself.

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