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From stress to success, making the Challenger to Champion switch.

I know the routine and lived it for years as a professional performer. I juggled, I entertained, I brought people together and made people laugh for more than two decades. I worked as hard and as often as I could until I realized my profession was the perfect symbolism for my entire life. I was working more, juggling faster, and falling behind – certain that my success as a performer was defined by a jam-packed calendar.

My marriage was suffering, my health was suffering, and I felt no matter how many balls I threw in the air, it wasn’t enough. I was a couple blinks away from everything hitting the floor.  Life was stress with my Challenger mindset and feeling like I always had to prove myself.

Thus began the journey of discovering the man behind the performance, reinventing my approach to work and life, and embracing the way of the Champion.

What I discovered was a process that helped me, and the people I coach, go from stressed to feeling relaxed, confident, creative, and living life to the fullest – on the job and off.

You CAN make confident decisions, know your purpose, successfully manage your work/ life balancing act, and enjoy what you do.

Schedule authentic time today with me to dig deep and dream bigger.


Breakthrough Moments Podcast

Episode 17

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“Jeff Koziatek is inspiring, engaging, dynamic, and hilarious! He made an otherwise quiet and conservative crowd laugh hysterically. Most importantly, we all walked out feeling empowered to be better managers.”

– Christin A. Kearns, Chief Operations Officer, The Accel Group


“I have never seen anyone, anywhere, captivate and motivate others like Jeff does.”

– Mike Kinman, Rector, All Saints’ Episcopal Church


Certified Coach & Speaker

Certified Coach

“Your methodology is such a change from how many of us grew up in business. We were always taught that if an employee messes up, they need to be reminded of their failure to keep them from repeating it again. As you presented your material, I got it. It really made sense to me and that caused me to struggle internally with what I had been taught all of these years. This can really change people’s lives forever.”

– Steve Starr, Director of Finance, Turnkey Technologies, Inc.


“Jeff came to speak to my team to kick off a day of planning strategically about our business. The team was energized and thrilled to think about how to be effective in their lives, not just their work. I received many compliments about the discussion – they loved it! I would highly recommend Jeff for your next meeting, he resonated with everyone.”

– Katie Haw, Sales Director, Microsoft

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