• This program was just what our office team needed to get our year started off in the right direction.  Jeff grabbed our attention with a fun interactive program then finished it with great tools to take back to the office.  Everyone on our team loved it.

    Alicia Ransom - National Account Executive VIP Corporate Housing
  • Jeff has a heart for helping people become their best selves, a gift for breaking down the walls inside that prevent those best selves from emerging, and a charismatic magnetism that dissolves anxiety and binds people together in joy.

    The Very Rev. Michael D. Kinman Christ Church Cathedral
  • Jeff combines his message about engaging, equipping, empowering, and encouraging your staff with an enthusiastic and engaging style that helps to drive the point home so that you will remember the message long after the presentation.

    Rob Bowman - President Terra Properties for the Highland, Illinois Chamber of Commerce
  • You’re the talk around the whole office with people coming by just to tell me they’re sorry they missed out and they’ve heard all about it. Others that attended are stopping to thank me for finding you and bringing you in. You made our day.

    Cameron McCarter Mercy Hospitals
  • His sessions were always packed to standing room only. Jeff creates a dynamic, exciting atmosphere and energizes the audience to engage with each other.

    Kathryn McKay-Phillips, Masters of Mass Communication Illinois Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Jeff did an outstanding job with a tough audience. We were extremely impressed with his content, skills, and ability to connect with his audience. IACSAS highly recommends his work.

    Richard Blankenship, LPC, NCC, CCPS, CCSAS - President & Director IACSAS
  • He understands our objectives and has consistently helped us meet our goals. He is always a crowd favorite with just the right blend of professionalism and fun. We are a repeat customer because he always does a great job!

    Jennifer Baker, MSW, CAE - Director ASAE Business Services, Inc.
  • The experience was excellent and right on money!

  • Jeff is energetic, passionate and creative and he brings every one of these qualities each time he presents. He is a wonderful communicator and does a fantastic job connecting with his audience with the right balance of humor and substance.

    Karen Braatz - Special Events Facilitator Rockwood School District Partners in Education
  • I loved the presentation so much I have booked him to work directly with the leadership team. Please take advantage of such a wonderful speaker. You will be happy you did!

    Tammy Hempen - Director at Breeze Park Lutheran Senior Services
  • We definitely want to work with you again, because you are just the funnest!

    Jessica LaBozzetta - Special Events Manager Nine Network of Public Media
  • The energy and enthusiasm Jeff brings to the stage is incredible!

    Julie Donnelly Fair St. Louis
  • You are truly OUTSTANDING!

    Charles Brennan KMOX
  • If you want a versatile, creative aspect to your conference - bring Jeff!

    Bill Dodds - Executive Director Illinois Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Best speaker we’ve had – Fantastic!  

  • Energetic and knowledgeable.  

  • Engaging and memorable.  

  • Entertaining!  

  • Outstanding!  

  • Amazing!  

  • Impressed.  

  • Great presentation!  

  • The analogies are the best I have ever seen.  

  • I feel so encouraged to go to work now and talk to my staff in a whole new way!  

  • Valuable Presentation.  

  • I highly recommend hiring Jeff for your next event!  

  • The crowd loved him!  

  • He is a true entertainer and story teller.  

  • He was a HUGE hit!  

  • Jeff's stage personality absolutely engages the audience.  

  • Jeff has a VERY quick wit. He interacts with the audience and plays off what is happening, in a way that's funny and friendly.  

  • His act was a lot of fun and he tied his message in seamlessly.  

  • Our folks are still talking about it!  

  • The energy and enthusiasm Jeff brings to the stage is incredible!  

  • He was high energy and included the audience continuously.  

  • Jeff was professional and very personable to work with.  

  • Jeff's stage personality absolutely engages the audience!  

  • I can hire you and not have to worry about anything at all. That’s of immeasurable value to me.  

  • You were a hit and they are still talking about it!!!  

  • We will definitely recommend you to others!

  • He truly loves what he does and it shows.

  • We couldn’t have been more pleased with his presentation.

  • Our team left feeling a greater connection to each other both personally and professionally.

  • Jeff brought energy and enthusiasm to our Fusion Market Manager Summit! He really does an amazing job engaging his audience and keeping them on their toes. You want interaction? You want laughs? You want to experience all the feels? This is the man to call.

    Rebecca Freeman-Hoff - Senior Field Manager Fusion Marketing
  • Jeff was just what we were looking for!

  • Jeff Koziatek is inspiring, engaging, dynamic and hilarious!  He made an otherwise quiet and conservative crowd laugh hysterically.  Most importantly, we all walked out feeling empowered to be better managers.

    Christin A. Kearns - Chief Operations Officer The Accel Group
  • He interacted with our crowd, kept the presentation moving and received fantastic reviews from our guests.   He cleverly incorporated important business lessons, technical stunts, stories, and audience participation in a high energy program.  You will not be disappointed.

    Steve Wendling - Partner UHY LLP
  • Jeff had an inspirational message that unified a lot of other messages.

    Suzanne Dotta - Director of Professional Learning Rockwood School District
  • Wonderful speaker!

  • The positive and upbeat person Jeff is encourages me to be that for other people.

  • Phenomenal info to use and very entertaining to listen to!

  • He makes tough concepts/material easier to discuss.

  • I came to Jeff feeling a little flustered and unsure and was immediately put at ease by his positive and supportive nature. Jeff created a completely safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere where I really felt I could say anything. He helped me learn more about myself than I ever could have on my own!
    Alexandra F.
  • Since I started meeting with Jeff, I have felt a greater sense of clarity and a stronger connection with my true self. His empathy and patience helped me to open up and have the courage to listen to myself.  Jeff creates a judgement free environment that allows you to feel free to release what is no longer serving you.
    Laura S.
  • I've noticed a significant shift in my thinking and decision making since we started meeting.  Thank you!
    Cory E.
  • We all have "stuff" and it's hard to work through it all or even know what to work through. Jeff is showing me how to use the "tools" to become the woman I'm meant to be; confident and self-assured!! It's amazing what your life is like when you can change your thinking, attitude and behavior.
    Kate B.
  • Blueprint for Value is a clear and concise guide that invites you to explore what’s going on beneath your stories and preconceived notions of self. The process gives the reader the freedom to comfortably dive into the concepts of personal worth and value. The book is divided into four categories (which is really helpful to me) that address your empowerment through different methods. I recommend this book to anyone who feels the call to heal, release and reframe old stories. There is a lot of encouragement and wisdom on each page.

    Amazon Review
  • Jeff authors a clear and concise handbook for anyone looking to improve themselves to become the very best they can be.

    Rob Bowman, President Terra Properties, Inc.
  • Ultimately this book provides solid suggestions for healthy living, and finding a foundation for genuine satisfactions in building a life.

    Phoebe A. Cirio, MSW
  • Great read, direct and to the point. Good investment of your time.

    Wendy G. Lewis, CPA
  • I love it! What a great book! It is short, concise, applicable, and inspiring.

    Kevin O’Brien, Owner & Founder Agape Construction
  • Excellent, easy, and well-written book. #52 quick guides on the different values that one regularly struggles with. Highly recommended for our busy lifestyles.

    Amazon Review
  • I have sat in on Jeff Koziatek’s motivational talks. “Blueprint for Value” is a must read for anyone wanting to become the very best they can be. I know that I have not always viewed myself in the most positive ways and this book came at exactly the right time to remind myself that I have value. There are days I need a pick me up, and I grab this simply for the reminder.

    JJ Kirkpatrick
  • Many nuggets of gold in Jeff's short yet concise book that helps with self reflection. It can help you validate that you are doing the right things in life or provide you with some new techniques to try. Well done and a great tool to bring you back when you feel life is pushing you off the rails.

    Jim Canada, CEO Alliance Technologies & Alliance Systems
  • I was going through a recent change in jobs/companies. With his guidance I was able to improve my self-confidence, and prepare myself for this new role. I started the new job feeling ready to engage from day one, knowing that I could add value from the get-go.

    Tom P Business Analysis Manager
  • I highly recommend Jeff, who provides coaching to process the age old question, "Who Am I".  Dig into your authentic self to move forward in a meaningful and productive way, both personally and professionally.

    Susanne J.
  • His coaching process is gentle, yet imbued with a tidal wave force of genuine desire to help his clients break free - offering profound tools for self-discovery and his masterful use of questions, all coalescing to provide meaningful work for clients which is illuminating, encouraging and empowering.

    Steven Rowell Accelerated Ventures
  • Our sessions and your teachings helped me do the one thing I didn’t think I could ever do. I’ve forgiven my absent father and drunken stepfather for their transgressions against me. The rage, resentment, and overall hatred of them are all gone.

    Andrew H.
  • I’m happier than I’ve been in a really long time. Would’ve never gotten this far without your help. Thank you for everything.

    A. H.
  • Working with Jeff and been tremendously valuable.

    Jim G.
  • I was struggling with circumstantial depression and mild anxiety. Jeff created a safe environment to sort my thoughts and figure out a healthy direction where I was at that time. I cannot believe the difference less than a year has made within my little world.

    Brigitte R.
  • My life was at an all-time low when I met you at that conference and had the courage to ask you for help.  It saved me in every way.  It gave me new lenses to view our world with.  For that I am deeply grateful.

    Kyle S.
  • Covid, quarantine and other major life changes over the last year knocked me off course. In a few months of talking, working and focusing on what is important to me, my life and outlook improved significantly.

    Brent H.
  • Thank you for creating these tools, your real ease working with me, allowing me space to explore without judgement, and highlighting my insights in an easy, fast and organized one sheet compass to help guide me from here forward in my life.

    Lisa F.
  • Jeff’s down-to-earth personality paved the way for honest dialogue and introspection. His coaching style provided insight to systems giving me a clear picture of who I was and foundational strategies that have helped me accomplish new goals.

    Jennifer E.
  • Jeff's coaching has changed the way our key people work and treat each other. Even those that have not had the privilege of meeting with Jeff have changed. We are a much more focused, open, and goal oriented bunch working better as a team than ever before.

    J. L.
  • Jeff will say he doesn’t work magic, but everyone has a different view. My leadership and confidence have excelled to the next level. The lines of communications are better than they ever have been. Sometimes some of your best employees just need that little extra push to really take things to the next level.

    V. H.
  • These sessions have taken our company to the next level. We are currently having the best 3 month of productions that our company has ever seen. Our people are more confident in their abilities, we are all communicating better. The culture in the plant has done a complete 180. People enjoy working here. This is now ONE TEAM.

  • It works.  Lower stress for the people.  More efficient.  Better balance with the rest of their lives.  Just flat out Happier people! That’s a damn fine job man.

    Business Owner
  • When you started with him – he was communicating at about 5%. After 8 sessions with you, he’s communicating at 70%! Couldn't be happier.

    Business Owner
  • We received a LOT of great comments about Jeff's presentations! He made public speaking an approachable feat for our attendees. He also empowered attendees to lead with creativity and without fear of judgment. We heard those messages throughout our event, which is a testament to his strong presentations.

    Linda Raynes, CAE, President & CEO Electrical Apparatus Service Association
  • Jeff is always entertaining and engaging… you may arrive in a bad mood, but you won’t leave in one! He has energy and passion!

    Member St. Louis Society of Association Executives
  • Jeff set the tone for the rest of the day.  He had everyone’s attention from his very first word.  He was engaging, funny, entertaining, all while bringing a great message.  The questionnaires revealed that he was one of their favorite speakers.

    Dawn Mushill EmpowHer Women's conference
  • My members were still talking about him days later. Jeff spent time in preparation, came to the receptions prior to his session, and by the time he came on stage had a rapport with many in the audience. Jeff is a very good speaker, and his presentation can stand on its own, but the finishing segment is a delight.

    Terry Peters, CAE, Vice President Technical and Industry Affairs Plastic Industry Association
  • He was able to accurately show us how we feel at times in our work situations and provide useful tools for us to implement into our work lives as well as personal. I definitely recommend Jeff as a coach/speaker! Two thumbs up for this guy!

    Becky Niebruegge –Senior Coordinator, Communications & Marketing Events and Community Outreach Christian Hospital
  • Entertaining, engaging, relevant, impactful. Jeff brought a fresh perspective on how to approach life, work, relationships, challenges, etc.  His enthusiasm and entertaining delivery style kept our team engaged, brought us closer together and gave us some simple new tools and insights for how to approach life.

    Scott Bryant, Account Executive Microsoft
  • Jeff Koziatek held our audience in the palm of his hand. He was interesting, entertaining, insightful, and in control. There are few speakers on the circuit who perform on as high a level as Jeff.

    George Peintner Amway - WIN Group
  • The team was energized and thrilled to think about how to be effective in their lives, not just their work. I received many compliments about the discussion – they loved it! I would highly recommend Jeff for your next meeting, he resonated with everyone.

    Katie Haw, Sales Director Microsoft
  • He has the capability of capturing a diverse audience and holding everyone's interest, with amusement and the same time, a profound message related to our communication agenda. Jeff is a keeper and definitely became an elemental part of the curriculum.

    Melissa Massotti, Global Training and Development Novus International, Inc.
  • We booked him for not one, but two separate events at our company.  Jeff is so entertaining, and his insights were powerful, and had immediate impact.  We purchased his book and started a Book Club for a deeper dive.

    Page Selby, Customer Relationship Manager Ameren Missouri
  • Jeff did a wonderful job presenting thought provoking, valuable information in an incredibly entertaining manner.

  • At our annual Leadership Training, Jeff brought an energetic and inspiring message to dig deep, question your feelings and to discover your core authenticity. His session was engaging and life changing. Our members walked away with a new outlook and understanding about themselves.

    Tara Gregor, Programming Co-Chair of Professional Women’s Alliance (PWA) Professional Women's Alliance
  • I was talking to the teens and staff afterwards and everyone loved both performances. I heard so many people saying, "You're a 10!" and "We're all 10s" throughout the rest of the weekend! It was so great to hear. The message really stuck with them :

    Bree Banaszynski, Teen Camp Programming Committee Member Camp Rainbow
  • You did a great job of engaging our students, in a tough room (physically) to maneuver well.  I appreciated your engagement with our students outside of your formal program as well.  That means a lot to me and shows your host you really care about being there and what happens to these folks.

    Miriam I. Roccia, Assistant Dean of Students, Campus Life University of Missouri St. Louis
  • Jeff is energetic, passionate and creative and brings every one of these qualities each time he presents for us. He is a wonderful communicator and does a fantastic job of connecting with his audience with the right balance of humor and substance.

    Karen Braatz, Special Events Facilitator Rockwood School District - Partners In Education
  • Jeff commanded the attention of 600 elementary kids, and they loved it! Great interaction, very entertaining, and nothing but positive reactions from students and staff.  I highly recommend taking in a performance.

    Matt Carlton, Principal Windsor Intermediate Center
  • Jeff is an amazing performer.  It’s rare that we find a performance that is both incredibly entertaining and educational as well.  Almost all of our children’s Shakespeare books, poems, and graphic novels checked out after Jeff’s performance. Our audience was incredibly pleased!

    Heather Kath, Children’s Programmer Quincy Public Library
  • What makes your show a success is not the giant props and set but the way you build a relationship with the audience.  You could have been standing there in jeans and still have made a huge impact on the kids – Outstanding!  All the teachers were very impressed.

    Susan Van Patten, Nurse Bayless Elementary School
  • We really enjoyed your performance on Monday.  We loved that you were able to keep everyone entertained from the 3-year-olds to the 14-year-olds.  A perfect way to kick off our Catholic Schools Week.

    Jenny Kohls, Office Administrator All Saints School
  • Jeff was highly engaging - keeping even our Kindergartners entertained throughout his show. He cleverly incorporated important life lessons about achieving goals into his routine through technical stunts, funny stories, and dynamic repetitive motions that made the audience full participants in his high-energy show.

    Markel Merz, Teaching assistant Ridge Meadows Elementary
  • He was so much fun!  Jeff was age appropriate and witty.  He was able to get the crowd going and my daughter was standing up shouting the entire time.  She was still talking about it this morning.  You can see his love for people and get the humor out of it all.

    Allison V. Mentorship Program
  • Jeff delighted guests of all ages, from the youngest child to their grandparents, with his good cheer and humor. Jeff  has high energy and is most athletic, balancing on a ball, juggling and improvising with people all at once.

    Jeanie Davis Missouri Botancial Gardens
  • We were so happy to have you! You were an excellent addition to our event, and we received so many compliments from the guests about your performance.  You were engaging, animated, and overall very entertaining!  We couldn’t have asked for a better performer! I would love to have you again at this event next year.

    Molly Renken, Member Events Coordinator Missouri Botancial Gardens
  • Two years ago, we had to suddenly move to Southern California. While there is clearly lots of wonderful things to do here and plenty of street/park performers, we have never come upon a performer as warm-hearted and fun as Juggling Jeff.

    John Hetts
  • He pulls in and engages everyone, both young and not so young, in a highly participatory conversation, not a typical monologue, with great expressions and easy style. Jeff singled out several people to assist and he brought out the cutest and funniest in them as he ad-libbed - personal and the best of street artistry.

    George Dove
  • His real talent is holding the attention of an audience not just through his skills and stunts, but through his comedy and crowd participation. We had a group ranging in age from 3 to almost 80, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show.

    Mike Higgins, VP of Operations K-life Ministires, Inc.
  • We definitely want to work with you again, because you are just the funnest!

    Jessica LaBozzetta PBS Channel 9
  • Jeff was AMAZING!  The crowd was in awe of everything he did.  Not only did kids of all ages stop and watch in amazement, but the adults couldn't get enough either. We had 1,300 participants, and MANY of them can't stop talking about Jeff!

    Maria S. Miles Over Melanoma
  • For the past several years, Jeff has helped us generate traffic in our exhibit area during our association's Annual Meeting. He is always a crowd favorite with just the right blend of professionalism and fun. We are a repeat customer because he always does a great job!

    Jennifer Baker, MSW, CAE, Director ASAE Business Services Inc.
  • Your show really was awesome.  While it was very family friendly, it also had a lot for the adults to love, too, which is always the mark of a great show.

    Ricki Marking-Camuto, Artistic Director Chesterfield Community Theatre
  • Jeff is truly a Master Coach among Coaches.

    Steven R.
  • I am better equipped to empower my people.

  • A fantastic entertainer.

  • He was kind enough to incorporate some of the lessons we had been teaching into his performance - words such as tolerance, empathy, awareness, and inclusion - not easy words to add to a pre-planned show. He did all of this with attention to detail and an obvious joy in working with and teaching students.

    Teacher Elementary School
  • His obvious talents as a performer are equaled to his skills as an exceptional motivational speaker who understands his audience

  • The way forward has become clearer.

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