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Purchase a keynote or corporate coaching package and give a FREE performance to local youth with the 1 for 1 Give Back program.

The 1 for 1 Vision:

Develop corporate culture and grow communities.

The 1 for 1 Mission:

Foster relationships between corporate sponsors and youth organizations within their community.

The Who

1 for 1 is intended for organizations who want to develop their employees, empower them to succeed today, AND make a positive impact on the youth in their community for a brighter tomorrow.


The Why

Companies thrive based on the health and continued development of their employees.

Youth organizations thrive based on the social and emotional well-being of the youth they serve as well as the health and development of the leaders who serve them.

Every adult and every child deserves the opportunity to learn, explore, and grow into the best version of themselves. Unfortunately, too often process and product take priority over people. Meanwhile, not all children are exposed to quality, thought engaging programming and don’t receive the support they need. This is typically due to circumstances, availability, and/or budget.

1 for 1 can meet both needs.



The Story

I ran into an old friend who works with at-risk kids and he told me a heartbreaking story about many youth depressed and feeling lost because they don’t have a sense of self-worth and purpose. The results are increased struggles with bullying, social engagement, lack of persistence, no direction and image based relationships.  The sad thing is that I have heard something similar from many leaders talking about employees who struggle with disengagement, isolation, under performance, and burnout in the workplace. I realized that I had been seeing these same symptoms everywhere I went, no matter the audience or venue. Lack of personal worth was raging across our country like a disease that shows no discrimination, affecting millions of people. It kept me up at night, tossing and turning, trying to find a solution, until it finally paid off with a plan.

I realized that there had to be a better way to engage, equip, and empower people for higher performing teams, while at the same time, serving our local communities by helping today’s youth and those who lead them. I have been blessed with opportunities to impact others in some great ways. With creative, entertaining illustrations, comedy, and stunts, I have taught both youth and adults core leadership and personal development principles in ways that stick. However, I now see that the need is greater than I previously realized and I can’t do it alone.

YOU Are the Solution

You believe that people are a company’s #1 asset. You believe that people perform better in life and business when they have a sense of purpose, belonging, and self-worth. You know that adults and kids alike can struggle with these core human needs. You want to see a world where people confidently and powerfully live their best lives. You have achieved success and want to give back. Let’s do this together.

1 for 1 creates more engaged, productive employees through dynamic keynotes, trainings and coaching. At the same time, it also combats the increasing struggles for America’s youth, such as bullying, social engagement, lack of persistence, and relationships through interactive programs and staff development for their leaders. Click here for a list of available youth performances and presentations.

You have the opportunity to lead through example and impact your community by giving back to local youth and the leaders who serve them on a daily basis.

Contact me today so we can bring this vision to life!


The 1 for 1 Impact Approach

We have all sat through presentations that are boring, not interactive, theoretical, or irrelevant to current needs. The 1 for 1 approach is to: customize presentation content to meet the needs of your specific organization, engage the audience through laughter, stunts, vulnerability, and interaction, and encourage the desire to grow and belief that it is possible.

One of the most unique aspects of my approach is that when your organization hires me to present a keynote or training, you have the option to give a presentation to youth within your community, at no cost to them! Click here for a list of available performances and presentations.

The Feedback


“Jeff came to speak to my team to kick off a day of planning strategically about our business. The team was energized and thrilled to think about how to be effective in their lives, not just their work. I received many compliments about the discussion – they loved it! I would highly recommend Jeff for your next meeting, he resonated with everyone.”

– Katie Haw, Sales Director

VIP Corporate Housing

I would suggest Jeff’s presentation for anyone whose goal is a speaker that is entertaining as well as informative. Amazing take away information that was so valuable along with concepts he shared, I walked away with books for each person at the office so we could continue developing these concepts on our teams. Jeff’s presentation guided me to think with a new perspective. That is life changing. I see many speakers and Jeff stands out as one of the best!”

– Alicia Ransom, General Manager

UMSL – University of Missouri – St. Louis

“You did a great job of engaging our students, in a tough room (physically) to maneuver well.  I appreciated your engagement with our students outside of your formal program as well.  That means a lot to me, and shows your host you really care about being there and what happens to these folks.”

– Miriam I. Roccia, Assistant Dean of Students, Campus Life

Rockwood School District

“Jeff had an inspirational message that helped tie a lot of things together for the committee.  For example, when we talk about restorative practices, drug issues, depression, kids acting out in class, kids dropping out, etc….much of that can come back to not feeling valued.  It was a message that unified a lot of other messages.”  Very good.  He did a very engaging talk regarding the need all people have to feel valued, and how it displays when they do not feel valued.”

– Suzanne Dotta, Director of Professional Learning

Plastics Industry Association

“I was looking for a speaker that could deliver an uplifting message to my group, many of them preparing to step into retirement after three or more decades in my industry. Jeff was willing to craft his presentation to speak specifically to these folks and the message of self-value to the whole audience. He had them in his hands well before the juggling started. Jeff is a very good speaker, and his presentation can stand on its own, but the finishing segment is a delight. My members were still talking about him days later. Everyone looks for an opening speaker to energize the audience. Jeff spent time in preparation, came to the receptions prior to his session, and by the time he came on stage had a rapport with many in the audience. This is very good stuff. I will be using Jeff again.”

– Terry Peters, CAE, Vice President Technical and Industry Affairs

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