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Core Authenticity makes it fun and easy to GIVE BACK with Juggling Jeff programs. When you book your next Keynote, you can give one of the performances or presentations listed below. Is there an additional charge? Nope. It’s a free give back!

If you believe in the value of your people AND want to make an impact in the communities you serve, Juggling Jeff programs are the perfect fit.

How does it work? You book the Keynote that best serves your people and equip them for success. But WAIT, there’s MORE! You ALSO, select the youth group of your choice (college, school, scouts, conference, club, church, festival, library, etc.) in your community that will receive a FREE program in your name!

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  • This program was just what our office team needed to get our year started off in the right direction.  Jeff grabbed our attention with a fun interactive program then finished it with great tools to take back to the office.  Everyone on our team loved it.

    VIP Corporate Housing Alicia Ransom - National Account Executive
  • The energy and enthusiasm Jeff brings to the stage is incredible!

    Celebrate St. Louis Julie Donnelly
  • Jeff Koziatek is inspiring, engaging, dynamic and hilarious!  He made an otherwise quiet and conservative crowd laugh hysterically.  Most importantly, we all walked out feeling empowered to be better managers.

    The Accel Group Christin A. Kearns - Chief Operations Officer
  • Personable, witty, and amazingly coordinated!

    Explore St. Louis Brian Hall
  • The experience was excellent and right on money!

    Emerson Network Power Dave Crago
  • Jeff is energetic, passionate and creative and he brings every one of these qualities each time he presents. He is a wonderful communicator and does a fantastic job connecting with his audience with the right balance of humor and substance.

    Rockwood School District Partners in Education Karen Braatz - Special Events Facilitator
  • He understands our objectives and has consistently helped us meet our goals. He is always a crowd favorite with just the right blend of professionalism and fun. We are a repeat customer because he always does a great job!

    ASAE Business Services, Inc. Jennifer Baker, MSW, CAE - Director
  • We definitely want to work with you again, because you are just the funnest!

    Nine Network of Public Media Jessica LaBozzetta - Special Events Manager
  • You’re the talk around the whole office with people coming by just to tell me they’re sorry they missed out and they’ve heard all about it. Others that attended are stopping to thank me for finding you and bringing you in. You made our day.

    Mercy Hospitals Cameron McCarter
  • I loved the presentation so much I have booked him to work directly with the leadership team. Please take advantage of such a wonderful speaker. You will be happy you did!

    Lutheran Senior Services Tammy Hempen - Director at Breeze Park
  • Jeff has a heart for helping people become their best selves, a gift for breaking down the walls inside that prevent those best selves from emerging, and a charismatic magnetism that dissolves anxiety and binds people together in joy.

    Christ Church Cathedral The Very Rev. Michael D. Kinman
  • He interacted with our crowd, kept the presentation moving and received fantastic reviews from our guests.   He cleverly incorporated important business lessons, technical stunts, stories, and audience participation in a high energy program.  You will not be disappointed.

    UHY LLP Steve Wendling - Partner
  • You are truly OUTSTANDING!

    KMOX Charles Brennan
  • Jeff brought energy and enthusiasm to our Fusion Market Manager Summit! He really does an amazing job engaging his audience and keeping them on their toes. You want interaction? You want laughs? You want to experience all the feels? This is the man to call.

    Fusion Marketing Rebecca Freeman-Hoff - Senior Field Manager
  • If you want a versatile, creative aspect to your conference - bring Jeff!

    Illinois Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Bill Dodds - Executive Director
  • Jeff was easy to work with, communicated very well during the planning process, and was punctual and professional the day of the event.

    Steve Roth
    Wells Fargo Steve Roth
  • Jeff did an outstanding job with a tough audience. We were extremely impressed with his content, skills, and ability to connect with his audience. IACSAS highly recommends his work.

    IACSAS Richard Blankenship, LPC, NCC, CCPS, CCSAS - President & Director
  • Definitely contact you for future events.

    Monsanto Tina Bracic
  • Jeff combines his message about engaging, equipping, empowering, and encouraging your staff with an enthusiastic and engaging style that helps to drive the point home so that you will remember the message long after the presentation.

    Terra Properties for the Highland, Illinois Chamber of Commerce Rob Bowman - President
  • His sessions were always packed to standing room only. Jeff creates a dynamic, exciting atmosphere and energizes the audience to engage with each other.

    Illinois Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Kathryn McKay-Phillips, Masters of Mass Communication
  • Jeff had an inspirational message that unified a lot of other messages.

    Rockwood School District Suzanne Dotta - Director of Professional Learning


Juggling Jeff Comedy Show


An interactive comedy juggling show with improvisation, danger, suspense, ridiculousness, audience interaction, lots of energy & more!

Juggling to Read

RECOMMENDATION: Elementary (K-3)

Reading is a super power! It allows us to share stories, learn new things, remember the past, and explore the world! Everything you see in the show can be learned by reading a book! When you use the special super power of reading, what will you do? Where will you go?

Effort Show

RECOMMENDATION: Elementary (K-5)

A comedy show with a message. Learn the power of Effort, Focus, Persistence, and a good Mentor. Jeff wasn’t born with the ability to entertain – he practiced and learned what he needed to know to become a professional entertainer. He didn’t give up and he is still learning today! What do you want to be? What kind of impact can you make in the world with a bit of effort, persistence, focus and a good mentor?

Dream Show

RECOMMENDATION: Elementary (K-5)

How do you achieve your dreams? Jeff shares his 6 step approach so you can chase your own dreams in this show full of improvisation, comedy, circus acts and audience interaction. The 6 steps are:

DREAM, LEARN, TEAM, FOCUS,  STRETCH, PERSIST. What dream is in your heart?

Just Jesting

RECOMMENDATION: Middle and High school (6-12)

Healer. Dietician. Social equality pioneer. Entertainer. Who are we talking about? That’s right, it’s the Medieval Jester! But, who was he? Was it all fun and games or was there a serious side to the goofy joker from the medieval ages? Half entertainment and half education. Learn all about the medieval jester in this interactive, ridiculous comedy show!

Faith Show


A marriage of circus comedy and the Gospel. Hear about God’s message of love and redemption through his son Jesus Christ, a creative retelling of Peter walking on water or hear the parable of the juggler. God’s love is a free gift. Do you look to God or are you consumed by the storms of your situation?

Healthy Choices for Healthy Lives

RECOMMENDATION: Elementary (K-5)

R.E. Porter visits Dr. Dave, the world’s leading research scientist in the field of diabetes, and learns about the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, what Insulin is as well as diabetes management and prevention. Lots of audience interaction, volunteers, and comedy!

Money Magic

RECOMMENDATION: Elementary (K-3)

Jeff wants a puppy more than anything. His mom tells him if he’s grown up enough to earn the money, then he’s grown up enough to take care of the puppy. With the help of a zany cast of characters, Jeff learns to WORK HARD, BE RESPONSIBLE and BE PATIENT. Throw in some juggling, a bit of magic, silly stunts, storytelling and audience participation – and you get Money  Magic! A two-man comedy show that engages young audiences on the topic of money!


Foundation: How We Make Choices

RECOMMENDATION: Middle school – College (6-12+)

We make choices everyday. Some are big and some are small. The consequences of our choices can last for a lifetime or fade in a week. The question isn’t IF we will have decisions to make, the question is when we have a decision to make, what FOUNDATION will we stand on so our choice will align with our values and beliefs rather than the crowd. Intrinsic value is the foundation that allows us to do that, and so much more.

  • Fun, Laughter, Encouragement
  • The foundation cornerstone
  • 4 Keys to connect and refuel

Making It Happen

RECOMMENDATION: Middle school – College (6-12+)

Let’s make it happen with Effort, Focus, Persistence, and a good Mentor! Circus stunt heavy talk about taking ownership for goals and achieving your dreams.

  • Fun, Laughter, Encouragement
  • Effort, Focus, Persistence, Mentorship

Fearless: Facing Adversity

RECOMMENDATION: Middle school – College (6-12+)

What more could you accomplish with G.R.I.T. (Guts, Resiliency, Intensity, Tenacity)? Is our level of GRIT fixed or can we change it? Does will power remain constant? Challenges are inevitable. How do you respond when they arise?

Learn how to stand in the face of adversity and keep pushing towards your goals in this interactive, presentation full of humor, storytelling, circus stunts, and practical application.

  • The Power of Narrative
  • Why we self-sabotage
  • Motivational Mindset

Writing to Succeed

RECOMMENDATION: Middle and High school (6-12)

How to make writing work for you! Jeff shares from personal experience how writing made a career in entertainment and speaking possible and the lessons he learned along the way.

  • Know your audience
  • Less is more
  • Words have meaning

Pursuit of Passion

RECOMMENDATION: Middle school – College (6-12+)

It is difficult to make confident decisions, work as a team, gather self-motivation, or empower others when we are rocked with these emotions. YET – we still need to get out of bed, the work must get done, and goals must be reached. To confidently step into the unknown, we need: a compass, a mindset, and a team.

In this engaging, fun, and thought provoking presentation, Jeff Koziatek will help you reach a higher level of understanding about yourself and regain clarity. Come to get equipped, encouraged, and inspired!

  • Fun, Laughter, Encouragement
  • The Foundation Cornerstone
  • 3 Secrets to clarity in uncertainty

John Maxwell Team Youth Programs

John Maxwell Youth Programs. Call for specifics.

Performance Bio

“Juggling Jeff” Koziatek is an internationally recognized and award winning performer. Jeff received formal acting training in New York City and Los Angeles California. He managed national touring acts, performed well over 4000 live shows across the country, produced award winning films and operated a complete event management company catering to high-end corporations and nonprofits.

Jeff brings more than 20 years of professional entertainment experience to every show. When Juggling Jeff takes the stage, you might see a grown man hula-hoop… on a ball, escape from a straight jacket, dance on stilts, toss ginormous knives, ride a unicycle, juggle bio-hazard or spin fire! His comedy variety shows are exploding with energy, improvisation, audience engagement, and lots of fun!

With shows tailored to each individual audience, his clients are far ranging and include:

Schools, colleges, corporations, fairs & festivals, scouts, churches, non profits, libraries, clubs, conferences, after school care, and many more.

Jeff’s use of comedy and audience participation makes him a crowd favorite time and time again. If you are looking for an outstandingly awesome, amazing good time, book Jeff for your next big event.

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