Episode 15 – Steven Rowell – Align your actions with your values

Breakthrough Moments Podcast
Breakthrough Moments Podcast
Episode 15 - Steven Rowell - Align your actions with your values

From serving cotton candy at the Fort Worth Zoo at age 14, mowing lawns, opening 7 resort hotels with Marriott and Disney, cold calling Sam Walton of Walmart at 19, and even performing improv in Las Vegas with Wayne Brady and Jonathan, Steven Rowell has a diverse background indeed. He is grateful for experiencing several failures in entrepreneurship before finding success in consulting, licensing, and rapid revenue growth. Steven Rowell is an entrepreneurial Change Management Consultant helping companies achieve better business outcomes through orientation, on-boarding, talent management, and employee engagement/retention improvement. He helps CEOs navigate change management initiatives in culture change, accountability, service excellence, and increasing revenue and profitability.

Steven’s experience spans diverse industries and sectors from Healthcare, Technology, Lodging, Energy, Logistics, Retail, Senior Care, Manufacturing and many points in between, as well as 7 US Government Departments, non-profit entities, and several Tribal Nations. Steven’s consulting clients include Fortune 500 companies such as UPS, Walmart, Compass, Shell, Pfizer and Huntsman.

Steven’s books include Clean Is Not Enough; Success from the Inside Out; Jumpstart Your Creativity; Drama Free Teams in Healthcare and forthcoming, The 5-Minute Secret: How to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere at Any Time.

Steven’s unique approach to licensing his systems to companies and certifying internal champions to lead lasting change enables his corporate clients to be far more self-reliant in performance improvement and far less dependent on outside consultants, trainers and speakers.

Steven’s philanthropy is driven by his heart for underprivileged children, AIDS orphans in South Africa, teenage bullying, human trafficking and gender equity for women in business. He and his wife support transformational missions such as Acres of Love, Mosaic, Tentmakers, National Civility Association, and Women Business Collaborative. Steven invites his clients to donate ten percent of his fees directly to the charity of their choice.



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