Episode 28 – Tom Pohlman – All the Puzzle Pieces

Breakthrough Moments Podcast
Breakthrough Moments Podcast
Episode 28 - Tom Pohlman - All the Puzzle Pieces

After graduating from Washington University with a degree in Graphic Design, Tom started creating visuals for corporate presentations and events – eventually working as Creative Director and Producer he developed, designed and managed projects for Fortune 500 companies; including interactive elements, video presentations and large corporate events.Â

Tom started working for Elsevier in 2004 in various roles in Operations; Multimedia, Book Production, and Electronic Production. His responsibilities included working with stakeholders to develop new workflows, new content usage and delivery. He began managing electronic content delivery teams at Elsevier – leading the teams through the opening of offshore offices and the subsequent shift of resources away from onshore offices. At Elsevier, Tom managed a global team with members in the UK, Netherlands, India and the United States.

In 2020, in the midst of the brewing pandemic, Tom shifted companies to join Safety National Casualty Corp. to manage a team of Business Analysts.

As a manager Tom has experienced a variety of challenges – ambitious team members, cultural differences, layoffs, personal conflict and corporate indifference – developing skills along the way to approach each experience with a mixture of grace, understanding and open communication.

Tom engages his teams with an open dialogue, clear expectations and accountability – resulting in engaged teams that exceed expectations.



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