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Jeff Koziatek, Peak Performance Coach, will engage your audience and deliver quality business tools and concepts with laughs and professionalism.

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“I’ve never seen our membership so engaged! Not only is Jeff a great speaker with a great message but he was engaging, entertaining and funny.”

– Cindy Helmkamp, Sr. Consultant, Corporate Partnerships at Together Credit Union

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Unshakable: Make Confident Choices

  • Change and uncertainty can bring about feelings of frustration, anxiety, and lack of focus.
  • It is difficult to make confident decisions, work as a team, gather self-motivation, or empower others when we are rocked with these emotions. YET – we still need to get out of bed, the work must get done, and goals must be reached. To confidently step into the unknown, we need 3 keys.
  • In this engaging, fun, and thought-provoking presentation, Jeff Koziatek will help you regain clarity and build a blueprint for confidence. Come to get equipped, encouraged, and inspired!

Communicate effectively

  • What is POSSIBLE when your team, and your clients, hear you clearly and connect with your your passion? How do you overcome communication mistakes?
  • You’ve learned communication techniques and styles. You’ve learned about different personalities and ways people feel seen and appreciated. Now, deploy proven, universal, communication principles that can enhance what you already know, and improve the speed and effectiveness of your communication.

Foundation – Value Driven Teamwork

  • Harness the 4 gears of connection to align your teams with a common purpose and tools for enhanced productivity.
  • Reach a higher level of understanding about your team and yourself to enhance productivity and morale.
  • Learn about the power and influence of value in culture and its impact on business excellence and sustainability.

The Circus: A Work / Life Balancing Act

  • You want to perform well and achieve professional success. You want to provide for your family and meet their needs too. Oh yeah, AND you want freedom for yourself so you can do “all the things.”
  • But how? How do you keep your performance level high, short circuit stress, be a rockstar for your friends and family, AND avoid burnout?
  • Enhance productivity, mindset, and sustainability with a higher level of understanding about yourself.  Get equipped with practical tools and have fun at the same time. Learn the art of balancing.

True G.R.I.T.: Facing Adversity

  • We cannot always choose what happens to us, but we can always choose how we respond.
  • What more could you accomplish with G.R.I.T. (Guts, Resiliency, Intensity, Tenacity)? Challenges are inevitable. It’s not a matter of “if” it’s a matter of “when.” How will you respond when they arise?
  • Learn how to stand in the face of adversity and keep pushing towards your goals in this interactive, presentation full of humor, storytelling, circus stunts, and practical application.

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Jeff Koziatek Keynote Speaker

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When an organization purchases a keynote or coaching package, they can give a FREE Juggling Jeff presentation or performance to youth in their area.

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