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Do you want to experience healthy, sustainable growth?

Mindset coaching can be the catalyst you need to help propel your organization into the future, whether you’re in a great place now and want to maintain the growth, or navigating challenges and facing a few set backs.

You’ve hired the best people. They are fantastic at what they do and they believe in the organization’s vision and mission.

And yet, you may be experiencing a few cracks:

  • failure to follow through
  • inability to focus
  • lack of prioritization
  • low levels of resilience
  • inconsistent (or poor) communication
  • blame shifting
  • apathy
  • low standards

Or business is going great and you want to maintain momentum, keep growing, and continue to invest in your people.

As a certified coach with both the John Maxwell TEAM and The Values Conversation, I can help. If you want to enhance your culture of productivity and communication, then we need to schedule time to talk.

  • Jeff's coaching has changed the way our key people work and treat each other. Even those that have not had the privilege of meeting with Jeff have changed. We are a much more focused, open, and goal oriented bunch working better as a team than ever before.

    J. L.
  • Jeff will say he doesn’t work magic, but everyone has a different view. My leadership and confidence have excelled to the next level. The lines of communications are better than they ever have been. Sometimes some of your best employees just need that little extra push to really take things to the next level.

    V. H.
  • These sessions have taken our company to the next level. We are currently having the best 3 month of productions that our company has ever seen. Our people are more confident in their abilities, we are all communicating better. The culture in the plant has done a complete 180. People enjoy working here. This is now ONE TEAM.

  • It works.  Lower stress for the people.  More efficient.  Better balance with the rest of their lives.  Just flat out Happier people! That’s a damn fine job man.

    Business Owner
  • When you started with him – he was communicating at about 5%. After 8 sessions with you, he’s communicating at 70%! Couldn't be happier.

    Business Owner

Sustainable Results

Mindset coaching in an organization, with a top down approach, can:

  • boost morale
  • improve work performance
  • grow a sense of belonging
  • nurture an ownership mentality
  • elevate the customer experience
  • refine communication skills
  • develop problem solving skills

Pay it forward with the 1 for 1

Jeff Koziatek Keynote Speaker

The 1 for 1 Give Back Program partners corporations with their local communities.

When an organization purchases a keynote or coaching package, they can give a FREE Juggling Jeff presentation or performance to youth in their area.

Invest. Model. Support.

Certified with both The John Maxwell TEAM and The Values Conversation.

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